Wellen Boring & Drilling Ltd. Saskatchewan

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Large diameter bored wells

  • 42 inch diameter holes bored
  • 30 inch diameter fiberglass casing installed
  • Wells are gravel packed for filtering
  • Wells are flow rate tested

Small diameter drilled wells

  • E-logged test holes
  • 5 inch diameter PVC well casing installed
  • Stainless steel well screens installed
  • Well screens sand packed with silica sand
  • Flow rate tested
  • Wells sealed to protect from contamination

Well Decommissoning

  • Grout pumping
  • Casing removal
  • Bentonite products

Dry auger test drilling

  • 6 Inch diameter water test holes
  • Water quality testing

Environmental drilling

  • Auger sampling
  • Split spoon sampling

Water analysis