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who is wellen boring

Who is Wellen Boring

Wellen Boring & Drilling Ltd. was incorporated in 1975 and since then has been actively providing water well services to customers throughout Saskatchewan. The company began operating from the family farm in the district of Spalding Saskatchewan and relocated to Saskatoon in 1987. Wellen Boring & Drilling Ltd. operates a fleet of modern equipment for the construction of large and small diameter water wells and water exploration. Wellen Boring & Drilling Ltd. uses high quality materials and is proud to support local manufacturers.

Why Choose Wellen Boring

There are many reasons to choose Wellen Boring but to put it simply the most important reason to choose us is because we offer what matters – trustworthy quality and experience.

With decades of experience in the Saskatchewan water-well industry, there is not much we have not encountered and when we do encounter a challenge, we will do our best to “figure it out” and provide you with a solution.

We take the time to listen to your needs and understand the specifics of your situation to insure that we can deliver what we promise.

We service many farms and acreages where pride of ownership is apparent and take seriously our role in minimizing the upheaval to your landscape as much as possible.

Throughout the years, we have developed long-term relationships with many of our customers and it gives us great satisfaction to provide service to return customers and receive referrals from satisfied customers.

Waterwell drilling is an essential service and we take this act of service seriously.  We are fortunate indeed to live in a province where healthy, sustainable water is plentiful and we at Wellen Boring are honored to work in an industry where we play a significant role in making this water available.


· Gus Pech H-51 Boring Rig
· Gus Pech Brat 22 Auger Rig
· Gus Pech Brat 1100 Auger Rig
· Failing 1250 Rotary Rig
· 2 – Water trucks
· 2 – 1 Ton Service Trucks
· 440 Case Skid Steer
· Grout pumping equipment
· Other various support equipment